Clients and references

Clients and references

Our main clients are end users in the paper, pulp, energy, and processing industries, alongside equipment manufacturers and engineering offices. Our clients range from small and medium-sized Finnish firms to large international companies.


Our recent deliveries:

4 pcs Black liquor heat exchanger BM800

Steam Condenser BEU500

Black liquor Exchanger NEN800

District heating heat exchanger NFN400

3 pcs Silencer

130 pcs Storage tanks connections and manholes

Feed Water pipings 32 bar

U-tube bundle BEU500

Condenser NEN356

Vessel PED

Installation of turpentine piping

Rebuild of feed water tanks, 2 pcs

Installations of pressure vessels (3 pcs), and steam and condensate pipings

Droplet separator PED

Turpentine condenser BEM764

Turpentine condenser NEN700 + installation

Rebuild of the BEU400 + installation

U-tube bundle BEU200

Rebuild of the kettle changer BEU900

Weak white liquor cooler NFN700

We are happy to provide more information about our references or any other subject.

Our personnel have a wide range of experience in project deliveries of these types.